How to Choose or Create Your Own WordPress Blog Template

Using a WordPress Theme over and over again on all of your websites that share the same IP can cause a certain footprint that might have a negative effect on the SERPs. How to avoid that? Use different WordPress templates or themes and get more hosting accounts using different IP's. Buying WordPress Themes can get a little expensive especially now that many are implementing a yearly subscription fee.

Why not create your own templates? Don't know how, right? Fortunately, there is a very powerful and easy to use standalone software that is capable of generating WordPress Themes (among other platforms) with infinite adjustments and fine tuning that is so easy to use - it's like using MS Word.

Artisteer - WordPress Theme Generator

Artisteer is such a program and it's worth checking out and without a doubt you'll see the light as I did. The best part is that the footprint created by the template will be unique after you've tweaked at least a few of the myriad of options at your fingertips. It also has a powerful suggestion engine to cycle thru all sorts of options on the fly giving you a visual idea of how it would look at the push of a button.

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