Humanitarian Efforts – Inside A Cambodian Landfill

Life Inside A Cambodian Landfill

A pair of young girls walks through this 44 year old landfill. It was closed in 2010, but still 'open' to those that want to sift thru the trash. A new landfill has opened up, and the locals are still able to gain access to the new landfill which is a health hazard for everyone inside. Taking food and medicines used to be an easy thing, however, I'm not sure that they allow anyone inside the new landfill that might look like they own a camera, since those are no longer allowed in the 'new' landfill. Humanitarian efforts of any consequence are not possible without the support of many people.

It's easy to be a traveler and visit beautiful places as well as the not so beautiful... why? This is simple, YOU can leave at any time and transport yourself to a better place whereas most of these individuals do not have the means or knowledge of how to do so. Fortunately, several people have stepped forward to try to save some of this generation by building schools near this area. It's more than life saving... it's life altering because of the potential future for these individuals is greatly increased.