Passive Income

What is passive income and why do I need it? Working a 9 to 5 job for the 'man' works for many people, however, some of us have started to think outside of the box, literally. Passive income means earning a living off of some 'work' that you did at some point in the past, but you are still reaping the benefits of that work instead of just getting paid one time for your time or services. Like the idea of traveling the world, well, chances are that your 9 to 5 job isn't going to like it when you mention you just booked a 5 month trip... there's a great reason to work on your passive income streams.

There are many methods to develop passive income streams, but we are focused on laying out the information needed to achieve a passive income stream by applying knowledge, ingenuity, and a bit of technology to make it all come together.

Passive Income - Unlock Your Future

I'm sure you've imagined traveling and doing a bit of work after having breakfast on the beach in some warm locale then doing a little work on a computer and checking your earnings for the day... I know I did... it turns out that it is possible, but it certainly takes a fair amount of work and time. You'll need patience and an understanding that to make money you need to spend money. It's not really a problem if you don't have much money at first, just invest what you can and then as you earn money, don't blow it on something frivolous, reinvest in tools and possibly outsourcing to use your time more efficiently.

I'm going to assume that you are already making headway in your seo empire and you are ready to start building content and more backlinks that will be around well after tomorrow, right? One good way to do that is to do some article marketing  It turns out that there are a few pieces of software out there that can help you peddle your spun content to the various article directories at a certain frequency aka article drip or drip posting of articles.  A bit under $100, it's the best value and most popular article drip posting robots is known as Article Marketing Robot... there is a FIVE day trial avaiable and if you are so inclined, I'm happy to help you get it setup and rolling -just email me xhanuman [at] hotmail.

Good luck and let us know what you think!
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