Ebay and Groupon Rebates

Did you know that you can get 8% back in rebates on your Groupon purchases?
It's a snap with - just sign up and search for the Groupon link, follow the link and complete your transaction.
Once you are signed up you will be credited $5 to get you rolling. Link tracking details in your admin section of your MrRebates account as seen in this screenshot.

Groupon Rebates

Okay, this is more of a USA-centric tip (however, I'm sure it can be used elsewhere), coupons that you can get that really save you some money could end up being used for your trip or adventure.  Did you know that there are a few enterprising people out there that are somehow gathering and selling coupons in bulk, actually they are selling their time and efforts to get the coupon for you.  Most of the time I get the home improvement type coupons 10 to 20% off (heck, it adds up!)  just because I tend to spend a fair amount in the big box retailers... I'm sure if you searched you might just find some coupon that you are looking for - anyway just another tip.  Last thing I'll add here is that the big box home improvement stores will honor each others coupons.

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