The Best Spinner

The Best Spinner

is one of those tools that you have to try to believe how easy it is to use it. I use AMR for article marketing submissions and it has a built in spinner in it... it's great, but no where near as powerful as The Best Spinner is... once you figure out exactly how to use it effectively, you'll be able to kick out rewritten articles that are well above 50% uniqueness. Every now and then you have to make a few edits to the spintax. There are some great features in The Best Spinner such as selecting the title text and right clicking - change all title text to Uppercase in just a single click... awesome! Since you're using the cloud thesaurus, it's constantly being refined by users and that ends up in a better product by the time you spin your article.

Have some spintax you need to spin, but don't have The Best Spinner?

If you don't have any spintax you can copy and past the following:
{Start A Home Based Business As A SEO Expert|Learn The Basic Steps On How To Begin A Home Based Business As A SEO Expert|Are You A SEO Expert? Why Not Start A Home Based Business Offering Your Services.}


$mypost = $_POST["mypost"];
$mypost = str_replace("'","`",$mypost);
$echoMe = spin($mypost);
$wordCount = explode(" ",$echoMe);
$wordCount = count($wordCount);
$echoMe = str_replace(chr(13).chr(10),"
echo $echoMe;
echo "
echo "wordcount: $wordCount";



While it's a standalone application, there are some other very powerful pieces of software that are being built that use the The Best Spinner API to extend it's power into them - just another reason to try The Best Spinner. Let's say you pay $5 to get an article spintaxed via Fiverr or some other outsourcing site - in less time than it takes to process your Fiverr order, you could have already output your own spintaxed version of the article and made any fine adjustments to it. This is why the $7 trial for 7 days makes so much sense...

Here's an example using The Best Spinner

- I've used the text from this page and used different settings to acheive different results using the software. It is possible to get in excess of 90% uniqueness.

These results were achieved with a few simple tasks including, copy/paste, initial settings on the interface, hit the Replace Button - see the results copy/paste or choose to save to a text file. It can't get much simpler than that.

I trust that showing you some of the results from this software will help to qwell any doubts that you have... the challenge is to review the data that comes from the The Best Spinner and fine tune it to get the absolute best results because the software works at an amazing pace and frees up your mental capacity to simply review and make a few edits as needed, however, it's entirely possible to make no edits to the output and still have it be quite readable.

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  1. stefan says:

    these are really funny the bad thing is i have about three shirts that have atleast one of these on it

  2. Article marketing will get you to the top of the search engines without spending a fortune.

  3. livestrong2109 says:

    do i need winrar to install this??

  4. dtrance71157 says:

    Hie,I have a copy of the Best Spinner and I doubt if yours is as good as the Best Spinner.All others spinners are bullshit.

  5. Articles projects says:

    RT James Rose, SpinChimp and article spinning software – Digital …: James Rose talks about article marketing and ho… –

  6. OutsourceJobs says:

    manual article spinning by kls1: Hi I have 25 #articles already written, of… #freelance #job

  7. OnlineJobsXpert says:

    Stop being spammed by low quality article spinners – find out why The Best Spinner is the only choice.

  8. Article Rewriter says:

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  9. ?ll ???? ?l???er? says:

    The WWE World Championship, it seems like a superior championship even though it is the WWE Championship

  10. dtrance71157 says:

    Hie,I have a copy of the Best Spinner and I doubt if yours is as good as the Best Spinner.All others spinners are bullshit.

  11. The Big Girl says:

    Good work James! I enjoyed reading it, although I am not sure if Graeme Swann is really the best spinner in the world. He is very good though!

  12. Exiewvqon says:

    How Can I Use the Best Spinner

  13. says:

    Does Best Spinner live up to its pretentious name? See the review.

  14. This is HUGE! I wasn’t even aware of what spinning was not too long ago, so this is very helpful. Thanks! 🙂

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